GLCPD Mission & Vision


To be a Centre of Excellence dedicated to the vision of attaining a durable peace and stability along with an accelerated socio-economic development for the benefit of the people in the Great Lakes sub-region of Africa


The mission is to be champion activities that are geared towards peacebuilding, conflict resolution and socio economic development in the Great Lakes sub-region of Africa through project development, studies or research on all vital issues, training, advisory services, dissemination of local knowledge, advocacy

Our main objective

GLCPD's overall goal is to forge a peaceful and prosperous community in the Great Lakes region of Africa, where everyone is aware of their rights and responsibilities, citizens are equal before the law, and people can overcome their differences while gaining economic empowerment and improving their livelihoods.

 The specific objectives are:

  • To contribute to access social justice, unity and reconciliation for the achievement of peace, as well as transparency and accountability, stability and accelerated socio economic development in the Great Lakes subregion of Africa.
  • To contribute to poverty reduction, improve health, food and nutrition security, fight against HIV-AIDS and other epidemic disease to benefit the vulnerable sectors of society (women, youth, widows, orphans and street children;
  • To empower women and youth for effective participation in social justice, economic and public life and to eliminate all forms of violence against them in compliant to the SDGs 2030 Agenda;
  • To support communities through disaster risk reduction, awareness-raising and capacity strengthening within and across borders in the great lakes region to support the managing resources including natural energy, environment protection, mining, water resources management and raise awareness of the security implications of climate change.

To create a platform to facilitate of exchange of knowledge, research and good practices in scope of innovation and modern solutions in conflict resolution that will continue to play a significant role in the development of a sustainable approach towards natural resources management.