Executive Secretary

Jules Kazungu


Jules Kazungu is a Rwanda and holds has master in Agroforestry and soil management. Jules has more than 16 year’s extensive experience in the peace, socio economic development. Jules Kazungu has been managing projects, designing and implementing Monitoring and Evaluation Systems and conducting project evaluations since 2004. With experience on various projects including food and nutrition security, environment heath, child labour, peer education, maternal, agriculture, micro-enterprise development, local stability initiatives, good governance and capacity building programmes for various donors including USAID, DFID, EU, Canadian Canadian Food Grain Bank (CFGB), SIDA and various government and private funders. He designed, developed, implemented and managed or provided technical assistance to the management of the monitoring and evaluation of various projects in diverse conditions in Rwanda. Jules has developed, managed and implemented databases to track the flow of information within complex, multi-layered, geographically dispersed projects, placing a specific emphasis on data quality. He conducted numerous assessments and has been responsible for the recruitment and management of consultant subcontractors, the training of both project and client staff and the overall management of various projects.


Program Manager - Food Security and Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (FSNSA)

James Munanura


More than 12 years of experience in food security and rural development projects dealing with nutrition Interventions several years of M&E of food security and nutrition projects, and management of food processing cottage industries and worked 4,2 years as manager for University of Rwanda/Institute of science and Technology satellite centre.  Experience with establishing household food balance models. James developed the Action Plan for Mainstreaming Nutrition Sensitive Agriculture (NSA), for Rwanda’s ministry of Agriculture.More than 10 years of experience with designing, implementing and assessing household nutrition, homestead food production (1 year for ARC as Nutrition and food security advisor of vulnerable communities and refugees in camps with the design 25 of kitchen gardens; Project coordinator in Maize milling project; 2,3 years for the Cooperative Support Program to promote ecologically and nutrition sustainable food systems and promoting maize, beans, potatoes and fruits and vegetables; manager of the meat processing plant for CIIT-KIST involved in promoting how to handle and process meat and explain nutritional value meat and meat products; 4,2 years as manager for KIST in charge of disseminating food processing technologies to rural communities for improving nutrition.


Program Manager - Information, Knowledge Management, R& D advisory Services



Mr. RUMENERA Philippe has a Master in agro economy with more than 18 years of experience in implementing activities in different domain in agribusiness, more specifically value chain development of different commodities (Irish potatoes, maize, beans, rice, banana, horticultures (pineapple, banana and tomatoes), tea, coffee, dairy and poultry, support farmers and cooperatives access to finance, business plan development, conducting market strategy, market development & market linkages, conducting training of trainers (ToTs) for lead farmers by using participatory training methods, coaching, agriculture finance development, feasibility studies and baseline survey. Above all, I have experience in the following services: moderation of seminars / workshops, participate in the development of course notes, teaching materials and training modules, prepare training sessions, preparation of reports, conduct participatory planning, develop strategic plans, business plan development, performance activities identification and analysis. I have gathered extensive experience working for different partners including public (MINICOM, MINAGRI, RAB, NAEB) and conducted successfully consultancy assignments for local and international institutions: FAO, USAID funded projects including CRS, ACDI VOCA,USAID CARANA, CHF, Global communities, PSDAG; SNV, World Vision Rwanda, IFAD, EU funded project; PSF, AGRI-TAF, PASP/MINAGRI, Palladium, ACORD, etc…


Program Manager - Peace and culture and Social Justice (PCSJ)

Vincent Ngabire


Vincent Ngabire has a bachelor degree in IT and Business has been an active member of Gisubizo Ministries since 2006 an evangelical team that preaches Gospel but also has a peace building component among their mission.  Currently a member and co-founder of Uhuru Voice a human right organization that speaks out for social justice and human rights regionally Rwanda, DRC, Burundi. Since 2011-2015 has been member of ANGEPAD (Action de la nouvelle generation pour la paix et le Development).

Since 2016, Vincent is a member of ECO (Ecological Christian organization ) Caring for God’s creation is a program at Ecological Christian Organization (ECO) that engages, challenges and empowers individuals, communities and Faith Based Organizations across Africa about caring for God's creations so that their voices and actions towards addressing the critical environmental and climate issues are magnified, visualized and reciprocated for sustainable livelihoods and a healthy earth - our universal home.  Vincent has a vast experience in various areas such as conflicts management, culture exchange and social justice in the regional but mostly in the Great Lakes of Africa including the Democratic Republic of Congo(DRC) and Rwanda.


Program Manager - Natural Resources and Environment Management (NREM)

Ngoga Tenge Gislain


Ngoga Tenge, PhD Candidate in agroforestry. Ngoga has a long experience in environment,  Scientist in Soil, water, Agroforestry and Crop modelling from the last 15 years involved in Integrated Soil Fertility Management, Climate Change, Agro meteorology, Crop Modelling and GIS; Expert in GIS and Remote Sensing, environment and Climate change, integrated Water Resource Management at Regional Centre for Training and Water Studies. September 2004 to March 2006: International Institute for Geo- Information Science and Earth Observation (ITC) currently in the University of Twente. Course followed: Geo-Information Science and Earth Observation Programme followed: Water Resources and Environmental Management Specialisation: Advanced Use of Remote Sensing in Water Resource Management, Irrigation and Drainage Awarded Master of Science degree on 10 March 2006 v From 1997-2001: University studies at the National University of Rwanda Faculty, From 1995-1996: University studies at National University of Rwanda Faculty: Science and Agriculture Faculties Department: General Agriculture Awarded « Bachelier en Agronomie Générale » v From 1987-1994: Secondary school at ‘Institut Mwanga d’Uvira’ at Uvira in DRCCongo. Awarded ‘Diplomé d’Etat’ in Mathematics and Physics. Courses in Agricultural Production Systems Simulator (APSIM) modelling course. Developed different species of trees of agroforestry through the Australian government agro-forestry project in Bugesera district of Rwanda.

Program Manager - Water, Environmental Sanitation and Health (WESH)

Andre Munezero


Andre hold his Bachelor’s Degree in Public health and a diploma Degree in Agro-forestry and He is currently resides in Kigali- Rwanda. Andre professional background is in Water, Environmental Sanitation and Healtht of non-profit organizations, with more than 10 years of experience in consultancy, research and management of projects and programs in the fields of water supply, water quality, environmental sanitation, disaster risk reduction and resilience. He has been working as project manager and implementation projects related to water, sanitation and hygiene, health and development contexts in Rwanda.  Moreover, he actively was involved in the Sanitation, Nutrition and Malaria Campaigns, providing  technology support to implement Water, Sanitation, Nutrition and Malaria prevention programs in Rwanda, the National Program Coordination HIV and Gender mainstreaming in Action for Health Integrated Development (AHID). Furthermore, he supervised  the implementation of kitchen and school gardens in Bugesera district funded by  Plan International Rwanda. Among others. Other of his areas of expertise are training and capacity building (in the public, private and third sector), research communication and fundraising. Andre has extensive experience in strategic guidance and institutional development of non-profit organizations,  designing and implementation of Monitoring and Evaluation and management systems in social, health and agriculture services using new technologies and been awarded several certificates from Global Health eLearning, FAO for Farm data management and Alison for M&E Fundamentals, One Acre Fund for digital tools platforms usage among others.